Water Welder (Water Fuel Cell) Demonstration Unit

Before developing the Waterboost System for cars, the system was developed in the lab and was so successful at generating Hydrogen and Oxygen that the equipment was fitted with an acetylene torch unit and became our Water Welder and demonstration unit.

The gas produced by the Water Fuel Cell is a perfect 2:1 mix of Hydrogen and Oxygen (Water being H20) the cleanest possible fuel on the planet, the bi-product formed from combustion is just Water, a perfectly balanced fuel.

The Water Fuel Cell produces gas on demand, negating the need for storage and distribution of volatile gases. The gas is odourless and harmless when inhaled (33% oxygen) and can in fact be used by divers for breathing. The flame produced by the gas is cold enough to touch but can instantly turn sand into glass (approx.1500 degrees C).

The gas itself has no recognised official name and is often referred to as HHO, Browns Gas, Egas, Hydroxy, Oxyhydros, Stabilized Hydrogen, Rhode's gas, Oxyhydrogen,  Hydrogen Oxygen, Di-hydroxy, Green Gas, Klein Gas.

Water Fuel Cell Welder

Water Flame Cuts Brick

3000+ Celsius

A Small Water Welder (Water Fuel Cell) Demonstration Unit

Dave kindly demonstrating the power of Hydrogen and Oxygen produced by a Waterboost Unit.

The Water Welder Introduction Video

A short video of a waterboost car unit used for flame polishing perspex components.